Quadspotz is only a suggestion website, we aim to provide suitable locations/ location ideas for UK FPV pilots. We do not accept responsibility for pilots breaking UK Drone Laws or failing to do the checks before UK flights. By using Quadspotz you accept that it is your responsibility to follow the drone code and local laws when using any of these spotz. 
Quadspotz is a community based website, so you don't know who added the spotz so we suggest you check the spotz out, for airspace and notams using these websites below. 
It is your legal responsibility to check these before each flight. Make sure your drone also displays it's Operator or Flyer ID in a clearly visible location.
We also suggest you join the BMFA or FPV UK to get insurance cover. You can also get your own.
  Remember when you are flying you are an ambassador for the hobby, and what you do is being watched, either in person or in your flight footage. Be respectful, but remember have fun too!